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We are living the era of digital Darwinism. We try to grow and adapt along with the technologies we create. 

However, even when processes are becoming automated, when the algorithms learn and evolve even as we speak, people are a unique and intangible value that make a difference on any terrain.

Emotions are something that we still cannot replicate in a digital environment, and it is that passion that leads us to be truly innovative and different.

Like the band of the Titanic, We will be together until the end!.

With us you will find a close work environment.

Companionship, as well as fluid and transparent communication with your team leader is essential.

We want to be the best
place to work

Even Tony Stark managed to outdo himself, going from Engineer to Super Hero.

We want you to be constantly trained, not to be afraid to express your ideas, and above all that you count on us to bring them to reality.

We are not making false promises. Take the blue pill and only get benefits. A real personal conciliation, remote work (as long as the project allows it), flexible remuneration and a transparent work methodology. There are no tricks here.

Real conciliation, remote work and flexible remuneration.



We will talk about people with a first important fact, at Excibit there is currently only a 3% employee turnover.

We are aware that only with a human perspective can we provide technological services and products with a differentiating factor and thereby establish relationships of trust with each of our clients.


Your needs deserve tailor-made solutions and we offer unprecedented flexibility. Our pool of talent has endless profiles that can be attached to any phase of the project.

Also our 80% online work method allows us to accompany you to almost any corner of the planet.


We are small and we are proud of it, we believe that only in this way can we guarantee an exclusive service to our client, and we will be able to take real care of our consultants.


We believe in personalized and close service, outside and inside the house.


We will always work with a project in hand, we will design timelines, we will establish objectives and we will share reports so that we are all informed of the processes, achievements obtained and of course, the difficulties we encounter.


We are a data company, we will let them speak for us.

be excibit

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