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Excibit Climate Tech Support Program

As Tech experts, we are “enthousiast” with the idea to help new companies which business model is about fight global warming with tech-based solutions. These companies also known as Climate Tech are key players to develop new solutions needed in the fight against climate change.

We believe these companies deserve visibility and stong
support to speed their growth. The sooner their business will ramp up, the better for the
future of our especy.

Aligned with this vision, Excibit launched the Excibit Climate Tech Support Program, a support program dedicated to help Climate Tech companies building their technological solutions. This support program is the key pilar of Excibit Positive Impact Project, it will give is challenge
visibility to these players, and is the best possible way for our organization to contribute to the by bringing our knowledge to those doing Good.

What is?

A fund developed by Excibit. Climate Techs can have access to it to support their growth in technological aspects at zero cost.

How does it work?

Let us know what your technology challenges or needs are, and we'll tell you how the fund can help you.

Who it is for?

Climate Techs, any start up within its first 3 years of activity whose solutions, services or products help fight climate change.

Protesta climática

Are you a consulting company and would you like to help by being part of this initiative?


Write us!

And we tell you how!

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